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Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  • prescription drugs
    The Facts of Addiction|
    Get the lowdown on the causes of addiction, and how to find help if you or someone you know has an addiction.
  • Pills resting on a stack of money.
    Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse|
    Drug and alcohol abuse impacts you, and can also harm the lives of your fellow service members, friends and family.
  • empty beer bottles
    Alcohol Does Not Discriminate: A Recovery Story|
    Problems with alcohol can affect anyone – a businessperson, a a bus driver, a doctor and, yes, a member of the military.
  • Service member struggling with substance abuse.
    Losing Control: A Story of Alcohol Abuse|
    "Real consequences resulting from my drinking and my behavior finally caught up with me."
  • Servicemember passed out drunk.
    It's Never Funny to be "That Guy"|
    Sometimes we laugh at "That Guy" making a spectacle of himself, but it's not so funny when he wrecks your evening.