Weekly Workout: Summer Weight Lift and PT/Run

Getting the Bigger Bench

During the summer, our training program focuses primarily on calisthenics, running, rucking, and swimming. Events that take significant amounts of time are easily broken up during the day to amass the lengthy workouts during the longer days of summer (See Periodization Program). However, it is still smart to add in weight bearing events and movements like sandbag carries, equipment carries, farmer walks, and bear crawls along with some weight lift workouts to supplement what calisthenics are missing.

Here is a good workout to mix in once a week if you feel you are missing the weight room:

Squat / Pushup Pyramid Runs (1 to 20 levels)
(advanced level – wear weight vest during 1-20 levels)

1 squat / 1 pushup – run 25m
2 squat / 2 pushups – run 25m
3 /3 – run 25m
4/4 – run 25m
5/5 – run 25m

Every 5th set stop and do max pullups and dips (you can do these weighted if you prefer).

6-10 pushups / squats with 25m runs
- max dip / pullups
11-15 pushups / squats with 25m runs
- max dips / pullups
16-20 pushups / squats with 25m runs
- max dips / pullups

Now to the weight room:

Repeat 3 times
Bench Press 5-10 reps (moderate to heavy)
Heavy Rows 5/arm (Db, barbell, or machine rows)
Push Press – 10-15 reps (moderately light weight)
Pullups – max (weighted or not)
Plank pose 1 min

Repeat 3 times
Walk up/down stairs with weight 5x
Squats 5 (moderately light)
Dead lifts 5 (moderately light)
Leg Press or overhead carry lunges 10/leg

The goal of this weight room workout is to create something that you can add to your week once every 1-2 weeks BUT not push any 1 rep maxes on these lifts. You want to keep the movements fresh for you and focus on form and technique. Once the summer run / PT cycle peaking season is over, the reduction of miles and increase of weight training will progress in the Fall to the Winter.

Cool down cardio of your choice:

Run 20 minutes
Swim 20 minutes or other non-impact options
Focus on distance achieved in 20 minutes for any option you select. Do both if you prefer.

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