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Marine Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team

Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team

Marines pride themselves on being a mobile force, but sometimes an extra measure of readiness is required. If a terrorist attack took place near American forces anywhere in the world, the Marine Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team would be there to respond. FAST are deployed around the globe and trained to handle potential terrorist actions as soon as they happen.

Although Marines part of FAST do not receive especially rigorous extra training, they are highly skilled in counter surveillance, physical security, urban combat techniques, close quarter combat, and martial arts. FAST is organized into three companies, all stationed at Naval bases in Virginia. Companies contain six platoons of fifty Marines. On deployment, FAST can be stationed in Spain, Japan, and Bahrain.

FAST is a relatively recent organization. Its first operation took place in Panama during Operation Just Cause. It has since conducted operations in South America, Africa, New York, and has partaken in Operation Iraqi Freedom. FAST was deployed in response to the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi from their base in Spain.

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