Proposed Military Pay Charts for 2018

Airman helping service member with paperwork

Latest Update: House and Senate negotiators have backed a 2.4 percent military pay raise for fiscal 2018, topping President Donald Trump's recommendation of 2.1 percent. For more details, see this news article.

President Donald Trump's first budget proposal included a 2.1% pay increase for the military in fiscal year 2018 -- the same amount that troops received for 2017. More recently, the Senate and House have endorsed a 2.4% bump.

Check out our charts reflecting the House and Senate's proposed 2.4% raise.

To see the original proposed pay amounts recommended by the White House and Senate, see the 2018 proposed 2.1% pay chart.

For your personalized pay and allowance computation check out our Military Pay Calculator which has been updated to include the proposed pay raise.

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